1921 S Silver Morgan Dollar $1 Cull

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  • 1 S Silver Morgan Dollar $1 Cull
  • Morgan Dollar
  • Cull
  • 90% Silver
  • $1
  • 0.9
  • Type: Silver
  • 1921 - 90% SILVER MORGAN DOLLAR CULL "This Morgan dollar is special as it is the first coin to feature Lady Liberty with an American look, rather than the traditional Greek style and her cap is adorned with wheat and cotton in honor of America's agricultural history. The eagle has beautifully designed feathers. He clutches an olive branch that symbolizes America's desire for peace, and the bundle of arrows that signifies America's readiness to defend herself against attack. Coin will be in CULL condition and may have any of the following defects - Cleaned, Dented, Dinged, Excessive Wear, Staining, Scratches, Etc."

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