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Scottsdale Silver 999 Fine Silver Bar - One Troy Ounce 1 Bar Bullion

Pack of Coin.Welcome to coinusmint Shop! Our coins are all copy coins for collection and play. The patterns on the coins are all made by referring to real historical materials.Please don't buy them as real original collection coins. We sell these replica coins just to make your collection perfect.

Rich collection, learn to understand the history of coins. Coins have been accompanied by human development for thousands of years. Perfect teaching tools,Play with handicraft,Surprise gifts for relatives and friends.

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27 Pcs 1878-1904 USA Dollar Morgan Silver Coin

This is a REPLICA coin plated with 925 sterling silver—while it is not a tradable silver coin, it holds significant value for your permanent collection.

Morgan Dollars stand among the most sought-after coins globally! Our coin boasts exquisite artistry, incredible details, and is crafted from high-quality materials, providing a perfect tactile experience and a sense of the historical value and charm of silver coins.

Dimensions: Diameter - 38.1mm/1.5'', Thickness - 3.1mm/0.122''. Specific measurements are detailed in the accompanying figure.

Each order includes one pack of coins. Welcome to MaybeCoin Shop! Our coins are designed for both collection and enjoyment. The coin patterns draw inspiration from authentic historical materials, so please refrain from purchasing them as genuine original collection coins. We offer these replica coins to enhance your collection.


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