90% Silver Franklin Brilliant Uncirculated Random Half Dollar

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Franklin Half Dollar
90% Silver
Half Dollar / 0.9

THE DISAPPEARING FRANKLIN HALF DOLLARS Available By the Individual Coin Or By the Roll The Great American Coin Company is pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to purchase circulated FULL DATE - 90% silver Franklin Half Dollars.

The Great American Coin Company is honored to offer one of the last 90% silver coins minted in the United States - United States Franklin Half Dollar Franklin Half Dollars are disappearing at an alarming rate, as these coins are horded for their silver content and beauty. The Great American Coin Company has a very limited supply of these coins.

Franklin Half Dollars make an excellent gift for the coin collector in your family. As silver is currently in the beginning of one of the greatest bull markets in history, these coins make an excellent investment opportunity. Due to the dynamic nature of the silver price, the price of these items may change without notice. 

These coins consist of 90% silver, and are guaranteed to be genuine. All coins are random and will be from any date between 1948-1963. When multiple coins, please be advised that duplicate dates are possible.

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