7-Pieces Franklin Mint Founding Fathers 24K Gold-Plated Coin Collection - Complete Set

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✨ ELEGANT GOLD-COATED COINS - Each coin in our Founding Fathers collection is luxuriously coated in 24K gold, showcasing the names and images of these American historical figures.

✨ PREMIUM MINTING - The Franklin Mint, renowned in the world of collectibles and gifts, upholds the highest standards in this collection, ensuring top-notch quality.

✨ IMMERSIVE HISTORICAL JOURNEY - Our gold coin collection mint set includes informative fact cards about each of the 7 founding fathers: Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and Jay.

✨ CLOSE-UP INSPECTION - Our collection set features a pair of white inspection gloves and a magnifying glass, allowing you to safely hold and closely examine the gold coins with meticulous detail.

✨ STRIKING DISPLAY - Elevate your study or office with our captivating gold coin collection box, adding a touch of luxury and a dose of history that is sure to catch everyone's attention.

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