1943 P, D, S Lincoln Steel Cent Penny: Wartime Collection Ungraded

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  • TOP QUALITIY - Issued for just one year at the height of World War II, the 1943 Lincoln steel penny freed up precious copper for America's war effort. It was made from low grade carbon steel, with a zinc coating deposited electrolytically to prevent rusting.
  • RARE SPECIMANS FOR COLLECTORS - These rare pieces are highly popular for beginning coin collectors, hobbyists and people of all ages. This historic collection includes the 1943 steel penny from Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints, mounted with wheat backs also visible. The set is housed in a 3 by 5 inch clear acrylic that is sonically sealed for protection.
  • CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY - Includes a genuine Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate attests to the fact that the coins in this piece are authentic United States coins. Authentic United States coins were produced in limited quantities by the U.S. Government, then authenticated and inspected for quality by a professional numismatist, and certified in collectible condition.
  • GREAT GIFT - Comes packaged, perfect for the collector, your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, sister, daughter, son, mother, father or special someone. Great for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, special events, graduation, anniversaries and retirements. Coins are a perfect gift as they detail time and spirit through their obverse and reverse designs, images, wording and dates. Coins make fun keepsakes for travel, special events and holidays. Coins are historical, educational and collectible.
  • OUR PROMISE - Items include a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1-Year parts & labor manufacturer's warranty.

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